Peoples Assembly of Gabriola

Nov 17

we are the 99% animation -

Although these are American figures, Canadian values are close~inequality in Canada is growing faster than anywhere else in the “developed” world.

Nov 16

Bloomberg trashes OWS library

There are no sound bites to adequately describe it:

"By labelling the Occupy movement "anti-capitalist", those who do not want reforms have been able to avoid the real debate."

Nov 08

Buying the US election

Nov 05

unfortunate violence

The Occupy movement is becoming embarrassing to the powers that be, and attempts to remove the protesters are increasing.  On the other hand, there is a great deal of support that is allowing the protests to continue.—there-are-people-in-the-park-then-there-are-people-behind-them

Nov 04

Nov 03

Stop the Crime Bill petition

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Nov 02

peaceful revolution

Support Occupy Nanaimo

General Assembly in Nanaimo Saturday

05 November · 13:00 - 15:00

Diana Krall plaza

Occupy Nanaimo

The Grand General Assembly is for anyone, especially those who have not yet joined us in active participation. Working Groups will be explained and our hope is people will join up in areas of interest and find out how they can be part our local campaign. We need more people! Let’s make change! Join us Saturday!

Nov 01

Some useful sources of information:  BC News and commentary

An article on Occupy:  support the free uncensored use of technology

article on the mis-use of internet censorship in Syria:

TED Talks, an interesting compendium on all kinds of subjects on how income inequality harms societies

Scott Olsen~ Occupy Oakland

if you wish to mail a get-well card to the protester who was seriously injured at Occupy Oakland, the address is:
USMC Scott Olsen
Highland Hospital
1411 East 31st Street
Oakland California 94602

BC Ferries

We had our first meeting on the day after the first Gabriola assembly (Oct 26th) at Artworks.  April has many ferry activist contacts on other islands, and suggested a brilliant(IMHO) plan along the lines of Improv Everywhere for a concerted action.  No second meeting was suggested yet, but ideas are percolating!

Thanks Doris!

Could I please get an update on Occupy BC Ferries? I’m looking forward to that potluck:)

Oct 30

Introducing the Peoples Assembly of Gabriola

This is a place for all Gabriolans to speak freely and respectfully, and be heard, about issues that concern us as a community in the spirit of Occupy Together.